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Buyer's Guide

Benefits of Sunglasses

People wear sunglasses for all different reasons. Whatever your reason keep in mind the importance of protecting your eyes from natures harmful elements. Buying sunglasses with cheap lenses without 100%UV Protection can be harmful to your eyes. Always make sure your sunglasses have a 100%UV Protection approval before you buy them.

Wearing sunglasses or sunreaders may help to reduce the effects of face wrinkles. When you expose your face to the sun while wearing sunglasses you refrain from using your face muscles to squint your eyes which is a leading cause of facial wrinkles.

100% UV protection will help protect your eyes from natures damaging effects.

Did you know?

  • Water Reflects up to 100%
  • Snow Reflects up to 85%
  • Dry Sand and Concrete up to 25%
  • Grass Reflects up to 3%

When considering a good pair of sunglasses consider polarized lenses !

Why Polarized?

VPI Canada offers a wide array of quality Polarized sunglasses. Our collection is designed to get you through high glare conditions with no eye strain and in comfort and style. Polarized lenses block the rays that would enter your eyes after reflecting off surfaces.


-Reduces glare and improves safety ( Glare can cause headaches or migraines due to stress on the eye)

-Reduced eyestrain ( reduced stress on the eyes squinting causes)

-Better vision ( Reveals more vibrant colours)

Benefits of Boléro Reading Glasses

Love the frame but need prescription lens? Buy BOLÉRO reading glasses and bring them to your optometrist for your own prescription lenses to be placed in the frame.

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